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Going the Full Distance
for the Last Mile

Investor deck for last mile logistics firm




Park N Parcel wanted to tell a concise and strong story that could excite investors despite being in an industry with strong incumbents.


Unified Park N Parcel's key strengths into a singular narrative that differentiated them from competitors and rode on the wave of larger trends.


The whole experience helped Park N Parcel gain more clarity on their business and helped them pitch more effectively to investors.


Iterating on the Narrative

Before starting on the deck, I went through several narrative drafts to ensure that the it aligned with what the founders envisioned.
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Starting Strong

Decided to start the deck with Park N Parcel's strong growth Instead of jumping straight into the problem and solution. This acted as an early attention hook and that could transition nicely into the market-sizing slide.
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Flowing Smoothly

Built out a logical flow between slides by using descriptive titles such as "current solutions fall short" instead of simply labelling it as "problem". Consistent language and iconography also spelled out the product-market fit clearly.

Excellent job distilling and structuring our narrative. We went into investor meetings with more clarity on how to pitch the business.

Bryan See
CEO, Co-founder

Hook investors in with a strong story

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