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Decision-first CDP for Marketers

Strategic narrative + sales & investment decks for customer data platform




Lytics wanted a narrative that would differentiate them in a crowded and competitive market.


Collaborated with sales and executive leaders to clarify Lytics' key value proposition and built out a narrative based on that.


Lytics adopted “decision-first” as their strategic narrative - guiding their marketing, sales, and investment efforts.


Understanding the market

Lytics was operating in a crowded, ill-defined CDP space. To navigate this, I conducted market research and analysed competitor messaging to understand Lytics' position in the industry. This allowed me to build a narrative that was meaningfully differentiated from the competition.
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Visualising the narrative

Explored different ways to frame the narrative to see which one worked the best for us.
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Show, don't tell

Animated Lytics' UI in PowerPoint so that sales reps could show prospects exactly how Lytics helps them - while still controlling the pace of the presentation.

Great collaboration. I appreciated you listening to feedback and turning it around so quickly - helped lock in a storyline that we've been building on for the last few months.

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Stand out from the competition

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